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NAP between Romania and Estonia on day 123 (Political)
Posted 2 years ago by

Today, I bogis , VCP of Romania and future CP of Romania I write to you about the agreement made between government of Romania and Estonia about signed a NAP (Non Agression Pact)

The terms that were negociated between Romania and Estonia are:
1. Estonia will give back Maramures-Bucovina to Romania.
2. Estonia will keep regions of Ukraine ( Western Ukraine, Eastern Ukraine, Central Ukraine ).
3. Romania will not stop Estonia to take Kiev from Ukraine.
4. Estonia will not interfere in the war between Romania and Russia.
5. Estonia and Romania are not allowed to dow each other.
6. Estonia is not allowed to fight against Romania in any RWs or direct attack, if Estonia make more than 2kk dmg will pay 10g per 1kk dmg to Romania or NAP will be broken.
7. Romania is not allowed to fight agaisnt Estonia in any RWs or direct attack, if Romania make more than 2kk dmg will pay 10g per 1kk dmg to Estonia or NAP will be broken.
8. The NAP is signed for 45 days and will end after day 168.
9. The fine if the NAP is broken is 500 gold, Estonia Org will give debt to Romania Org, Romania Org will give debt to Estonia Org.

The NAP is legal after the 2 CPs of Estonia ( Critical ) and Romania ( Euionutt ) will sign it!

In the name of Romanian people,
your VCP bogis

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Comments (13)
17-09-2016 20:55:14
(2 years ago)


30-08-2016 19:58:18
(2 years ago)


30-08-2016 9:44:00
(2 years ago)

looking for job for gold

30-08-2016 6:34:13
(2 years ago)

was a great war, congratz for both sides

29-08-2016 20:16:21
(2 years ago)

never mind...Gold


29-08-2016 16:25:44
(2 years ago)


29-08-2016 13:38:38
(2 years ago)

Actually i am all thumbs up in tgis nap

29-08-2016 12:51:48
(2 years ago)

Sorry if my english is bad.

29-08-2016 12:50:44
(2 years ago)

PURErage both contry spend a lot of supp and dmg for what ?
you win ... after we win ... just a ping pong game ...

29-08-2016 12:40:16
(2 years ago)

all hail estonia? romania?

the nap?


29-08-2016 12:06:30
(2 years ago)

bravooo !

29-08-2016 11:43:21
(2 years ago)

Signed by Euionutt , CP of Romania

29-08-2016 11:43:15
(2 years ago)

Signed by Critical Estonian CP.

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